Dragonflies embody the transformative work that I do.

The dragonfly came into my life during a major transition and has been a valuable guide for me ever since. As newly hatched nymphs, dragonflies live on the bottom of ponds and streams. As they mature and go through metamorphosis they move into the realm of air.

enlightened Odonata: Latin name for the order of dragonflies.

Great symbols for the transformation that is possible in every life.

Dragonflies grow up from grey nymphs living in the mud into objects of great beauty. People can also grow and change into something more beautiful. The possibilities are endless. Thus, for me, the dragonfly represents a challenging time in life that has been overcome. Its unfolding wings suggest the expansion of ones self. The growth of its pure beauty from the dark is where this promise dwells.

Dragonflies’ spectacular colors sparkle with iridescence in the sunlight. These colors take time to develop, reflecting the idea that our own true colors can come forth if we give them some time. I am here to facilitate your coming into your own colors and help you to discover your own unique beauty.

The Dragon-fly
By Alfred Lord Tennyson

Today I saw the dragon-fly
Come from the wells where he did lie.
An inner impulse rent the veil
Of his old husk: from head to tail
Came out clear plates of sapphire mail.
He dried his wings: like gauze they grew;
Thro’ crofts and pastures wet with dew
A living flash of light he flew.


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