Odonata’s perspective goes far beyond simply using nature as a tool for increasing personal empowerment and well being, it is a worldview that actively honors the intelligence of the living world, our connection to it and its instinct toward healthy self-expression. Rather than viewing psychology from the perspective of mental health or illness, my practice examines psychological disposition as well as the vast interplay of human and natural phenomena. This inclusive and holistic view looks at how nature arrives in your life; your spiritual, mystical or religious experiences, your intuition, the different phases of consciousness, and ongoing lifestyle choices and practices.

A journey to lifelong wholeness and wellness is one that awakens our inherent sense of affiliation with more than human nature, it brings us into direct experiences of deep connection to ourselves and our surroundings. Together (people and planet), we co-create the future we want to live in, contribute to and sustain.

Monika Wengler MA, LPCA
Eco-Therapy, Trauma Healing, Self-Care Counseling

70 Woodfin Place Suite: 326C, Asheville, NC 28801
Phone: 828.777.8417


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