When we think of relationships this time of year, we usually think of romance and falling in love with a special person. While there are plenty of advice columns out there that want to help you improve your love life, rarely do any consider how you can benefit from a better relationship with your environment. Meanwhile, studies have shown that deeply connecting with nature and interacting with your community, can improve your mood and overall wellbeing. I am here to help close that gap. Have...
Originally posted here at wncwoman.com There is exciting news on the horizon of therapy. More and more therapists, counselors and, healers are recognizing that some of the more common complaints they encounter, such as depression, anxiety disorders or feelings of loneliness and isolation, may not necessarily be caused by our messed up childhood or earlier traumatic experiences, but instead might have something to do with the environment we live in. After focusing on the inner and often...
I am happy to announce my new website, here I will share details about my unique services, publications, and news about Eco-Therapy. Please, if you notice any bugs or issues sent us a note, some older web-browsers have not been tested. Thank you for visiting!
Monika Wengler

Monika Wengler MA, LPCA
Eco-Therapy, Trauma Healing, Self-Care Counseling

70 Woodfin Place Suite: 326C, Asheville, NC 28801
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